Our Structure

The decision-makers

The Reformed Church of Zug is congregationalist in its structure. Under the regulations,  the final decision-makers are the adult members of the church. They elect our parliament, the «Grosser Kirchgemeinderat», and the executive council of the church, the «Kirchenrat». The current president of the executive council, Rolf Berweger, is looking forward to welcoming you. His professional career, which includes a long stay in China, has given him experience in living abroad and reaching out to people in new places.

Everyday church life
Everyday church life takes place mainly in the seven districts in Canton Zug («Bezirke»). Many members and volunteers feel most at home in their own district, and most of the church personnel, including pastors, deacons and sextons, are employed to work in a specific district. You are, of course, welcome to attend any church or activity in any part of the Canton. The structure of the districts is not intended to constrain people, but to offer them a close-knit community where they can get to know people. So please make your home where you feel at home.

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