Participating in Church life

Language may serve as a barrier, but there are many opportunities where it does not. Below, you can find some suggestions for activities. Once you have got to know a few people, you will feel encouraged to become more involved.

New coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19)

Since 18 December, further measures have been taken. Services, small groups and social groups are - at present - still possible and  hygiene and social distancing rules must be followed.

Please take into consideration that events can still be cancelled on short notice!

Groups and recurring events


    Children’s Afternoon, Baar, Kirchenzentrum, Haldenstrasse 6a

    Usualkly once a month, on Wednesday, except school holidays. For the detailed program and exact dates, contact Lukas Dettwiler, phone 041 760 22 18, lukas.dettwiler(at)
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