A Protestant Church

The Reformed Church of Zug is a Protestant Church that follows the tradition of the Reformation. Through the Protestant Church in Switzerland (formerly known as the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches), we belong to the World Communion of Reformed Churches WCRC and the World Council of Churches.

Through the agreements of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe CPCE, we are in full communion with many Lutheran Churches.

To quote the code upon which we define ourselves (the Gemeindeordnung):

The Reformed Church of Zug is one of the national churches in Switzerland
«… defines itself as part of the catholic* Christian Church. It is one of the Churches of the Reformation, renewed and continually renewing, rooted in Jesus Christ’s just and liberating Gospel of the Kingdom of God. It places its trust in the power of the Holy Spirit and acknowledges the decree to take responsible care of God’s creation. It serves mankind through the proclamation of the Word of God in word and sacrament; through social and pastoral care; through religious education and through child and youth work. Basing itself on the Gospel message, our church strives for a worldwide ecumenical community; engages in inter-religious dialogue, open missionary activity; and for human rights.»

* catholic: In the sense of the Greek root of the word meaning «universal»

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