The Reformed Church of Zug welcomes you!


Thank you for your interest in the Reformed Church of Zug. We hope that you find a spiritual home with us.

On this website you will find information in English. It is tailored specifically for people who are moving to Zug or who have moved here relatively recently.

Please look at the following pages: A Protestant Church tells you how we see ourselves and where we belong among the larger family of churches. Our Structure gives you a basic idea of the organisational framework.  Membership deals with points that often confuse people who are new to Switzerland. Participating in Church life gives you ideas about how to get involved, especially if your current command of German is far from fluent. Baptism, Wedding, Funeral gives you information about services for special occasions. If you are looking for support or for specialised ministries, Pastoral Care and Counselling may help you. CityKircheZug is the address for people who are looking for a less traditional church. Under Contact, you will find the names and addresses of contact people who speak English.

Participating in Church life
Language may serve as a barrier, but there are many opportunities where it does not. Here you find the latest suggestions for activities. Read more...


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