Pastoral Care and Counselling

For pastoral and spiritual care, please contact any of our ministers, or, to avoid language difficulties, the minister listed among the contacts.

Specialised Ministries

Ecumenical chaplaincy for people with handicaps.
The Chaplains and a team of volunteers provide religious education for children with special needs, or organise holidays and retreats for children and adults. There are also various weekday activities and, several times a year, church services. (in German)

Hospital chaplaincy
Teams of chaplains work both in the Cantonal Hospital in Baar and the Psychiatric Clinic Zugersee in Oberwil. If you are, or someone close to you is, a patient, feel free to contact them. If necessary, you can make an appointment through the hospital staff. The Chaplains speak several languages.

Triangel counselling
The Reformed Church has a counselling centre in Zug, called Triangel. Here you find counsellors who are experienced in helping individuals, couples and families, and those who are also specialists in budget- and debt-counselling for those who need help to deal with their personal finances.  
For more information: (in German)

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