Participating in Church life

Language may serve as a barrier, but there are many opportunities where it does not. Below, you can find some suggestions for activities. Once you have got to know a few people, you will feel encouraged to become more involved.

Upcoming Events

 Open Day - 1 August 2018

  • 10.00 am
    Celebratory peal of bells
  • 10.15 am
    Joint service with Zug Anglican Church
    led by Pfr. Hans-Jörg Riwar und Rev. Paul Brice
    Music: Lisbeth and Ruedi Bieri yodel duo, Ruedi Renggli accordion
  • 11.15 am
    Welcome and opening of buffet. Sausages from the barbecue, salads, coffee and cake.
    Musical accompaniment: accordion and yodel duo
  • 12.30 pm and 1.00 pm
    Tours of the bell tower and a chance to ring the bells by hand - with Peter Renggli

The Reformed Church in Zug is open to visitors from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Groups and recurring events

    Children’s Afternoon, Baar, Kirchenzentrum, Haldenstrasse 6a

    Every second Wednesday, except school holidays. For the detailed program and exact dates, contact Lukas Dettwiler, phone 041 760 22 18, lukas.dettwiler(at)
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