Participating in Church life

Language may serve as a barrier, but there are many opportunities where it does not. Below, you can find some suggestions for activities. Once you have got to know a few people, you will feel encouraged to become more involved.

Groups and recurring events

  • Meditation: a Christian way
    «In meditation you are learning to be. Just to be, as you are.» (John Main)
    Meditation is an ancient form of contemplative prayer that seeks God in the silence and stillness beyond word or thought. A new group will be meeting to explore the ancient tradition and contemporary practice of Christian meditation. We would like to invite you to come along. All are welcome: whether new to meditation, or an experienced practitioner, we are always beginning.  The group will meet once a month, for an hour, and include a teaching from the World Community for Christian Meditation, and a period of silence for meditation.  The Reformed Church, Zug, is kindly hosting us in the mediation room. The meetings will be held in English (but the silence is universal)
    When: 5:30pm – 6:30pm,  2nd Wednesday of each month, starting 8th May 2019.
    Where: Meditation Room, Reformed Church Zug.
    Contact: Harry Devonshire: +41 79 618 2074   h.devonshire(at)

    Dates Christian Meditation Group:
    8th May
    12th June
    10th July
    14th August
    11th September
    9th October
    13th November
    11th December


    Children’s Afternoon, Baar, Kirchenzentrum, Haldenstrasse 6a

    Every second Wednesday, except school holidays. For the detailed program and exact dates, contact Lukas Dettwiler, phone 041 760 22 18, lukas.dettwiler(at)
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