Baptism, Wedding, Funeral…



Baptism of babies and young children usually takes place during a Sunday service. The preparation for baptism of older children, teens and adults, as well as the setting of the actual baptism is always  discussed individually.

In either case, please contact a church minister to discuss the details. Please note that any person baptised in the Reformed Church automatically becomes a member.

Weddings (and similar blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples) usually take place in a special service on a weekday or Saturday. Please bear in mind that it takes time to organise the church, the  minister, organist or musicians, as well as prepare the actual order of service. It is easier for all concerned if you start making arrangements 6-12 months in advance.  The religious affiliation of the couple to be married may, of course, not be the same, and in general, our church conducts weddings where at least one partner is a member. For legal reasons, church wedding services may only be conducted after the civil wedding has taken place at the registrar's office.

Losing someone to death is often painful. A funeral service may help you to come to terms with the loss. When you register the death with the Registrar, tell him/her about your church affiliation and that you wish for a religious service. You will then be helped with the organisational details, and a  minister will meet with you to discuss the service, so that it can be tailored to the person concerned.

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